5 weird stuffed animals you didn't know existed

Name a soft, cuddly toy for kids, and you might say: Teddybear! After all, many of us had them as children. It's been a trend since they were popularized in 1902 after U.S. President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear. While a plushie bear has become a perennial favorite, you can now get soft, cuddly stuffed animals in all kinds of shapes, colors, and species. Here are five exotic and weird stuffed animals that you might consider. They are all available at FluffyStuffie.com.

Weird stuffed animals for sale

German Shepherd Plushie. If you love dogs and can't have one yourself because of your living situation, an allergy, or some other reason, then why not get a German Shepherd stuffed animal. No walking, no feed, but all the cuddliness. This one is three feet long, plus the length of its tail. Buy it here

Sea Otter Stuffie: If you've ever seen a sea otter in real life, you'll know why they are so adorable. They swim and spin and dive and look for oysters or clams. Then float on their backs and eat them. This sea otter stuffie is going just that. They are the cutest. 

Flamingo Stuffed Animal: One of the kids in our neighborhood in Tampa -- a girl called Izzie -- was obsessed with her stuffie flamingo. It might seem like an odd toy to get attached to, but this little girl did. And it was the cutest to watch her tote it around. Can bird stuffies be an alternative for bears? Yes, mainly because they are pink and soft and sometimes called Priscilla, as Izzie's plushie was. More on the stuffie flamingo here.

Alpaca Stuffed Animal - This Peruvian plushie is made of actual alpaca ​​fleece, which is downy soft, and gorgeous. We have a funny feeling there will be more than just children that will want one of these. Click here, Alpaca lovers!

Red Panda Plushie - We love the look of the red panda stuffed animal since we saw it at Niagara Safari zoo in the summer of 2021. In-person he is cute and exotic. And so, who wouldn't want the plushie version of this Bhutanese critter. More on Raja the Red Panda stuffed animal here.  

Sloth Plushies: Sloth stuffed animals are so hot that there are many types listed here. We figure it is because they are irresistible, soft, and were featured in the movie Zootopia. Two different kids of sloth stuffies here


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